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GSM Games : Bet On Your Life [Download]


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A wealthy businessman, Rex Gamble, was set to open his latest in a long line of Casinos, the "Southern Star" in a small, picturesque, costal village. The night before the Southern Star opened to the public, Rex had invited along several wealthy gamblers, local VIPs and even the local newspaper to experience his brand new state of the art Casino. The night started well and Rex was all set to celebrate his latest triumph when suddenly, tragedy struck. A body had been found at the Southern Star and the police were on their way. The arrival of the famous detective inspector Sammer could mean only one thing, Murder! Who was destined to die that night, who was responsible and most importantly, why? One thing is certain, everyone has something to hide but can you and Detective Inspector Sammer find the killer before they strike again? Donít turn your back on anyone, you are now gambling with your lives!

New download only version! Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

The suspects are:
Ben Igma - The Foreign Stranger
Buster Safe - Head of security
Fulla House - The Poker Dealer
Gail Power - The High Flyer
Goaler Keeper - The Fantastic Footballer
Ian Fluential - A Powerful Politician
Iva Drink - The Barmaid
Jack Blacker - The Blackjack Dealer
Joan R List - The Journalist
Pearl Swayder - The girl with everything
Rex Gamble - The Boss
Rouletta Wheeler - The Rouletta Spinner
Sienna Look - Security and Surveillance
Singh Dancer - The Entertainer

Ultimate Murder Mystery games have multiple outcomes so the game can be played many times, with a different murderer, victim and mystery. Now the host really takes control and decides who is killed! Limited scripts allow for more improvising so you may play your character in your own style and choosing, providing a more freeform murder mystery experience!

Download contains:
Character information packs
Character images
Character relationships sheet
Host information
Game money for printing
Suspect sheets
Readme instructions
New ZOOM version for online play

Note: Download games are digital files for you to download and print - this is not a boxed game.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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GSM Games : Bet On Your Life [Download] Reviews

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We played this game for my birthday and it was loads of fun. It had all the cheeseyness of a great murder mystery, especially with the characters. We all liked the fact that it was mostly ad lib. I have played murder mysteries before where they are entirely scripted and they were more confusing and hard to follow. They also wouldn't allow for pauses, breaks and natural conversation, whereas this one did. There is only a couple of points that could perhaps be improved/made more clear. 1. If you are the host DON'T read the other characters descriptions as it will give away their secret numbers (meaning you may then know who the murderer is) 2. Its great that you can have a varied number of players, but I was confused as to whether I should remove every murder scenario that involved numbers that weren't there or just the ones where they were the killers. I ended up just removing the ones where they were the killers. Our first murder victim was a character that wasn't present and we had all avoided using conversation starters with that character in because they werent there. This meant we had absolutely no information about them. On the whole we had a great night and I would really reccomend it to anyone who loves a murder mystery!Katie L (2016)
It was the first time all 14 guests had played a murder mystery game, they all got into character and joined it. A great night had by allJulie (2016)
The basis of a really nice New Year's Eve party. It is fairly complex, does have a few hours of prep time (as you need to prep quite a lot with downloadable version - possibly paying a bit more for the boxed version would be more convenient - and also go through the extensive instructions). We also did cut some later bits out of the game, as it did run on a while. However it was a good laugh, effort has obviously gone into the development of the game and people enjoyed themselves. Good customer service too.B (2016)
We played the game at Christmas eve over dinner. It was fabulous, everyone came dressed up with their respective props. We had a great time!!Corrina Lim (2016)
We held this Murder Mystery for my Son's 15th birthday and it was a blast. The boys who were invited all made a fantastic effort to play their characters and it was great fun! The best part was that nobody guessed the murderer! HAHA. Will definitely use your downloads again. Thanks Andy G (2014)
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