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GSM Games : Murder on the Hen Night [Download]


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Since school, they had been known as the "K Club". A group of stunningly gorgeous and very popular girls who turned heads where ever they went. At their heart was Katie Fermantle, the jewel in their crown and the undisputed leader of the K Club. Their small group continued long after leaving school and so it was only fitting that when Katie announced her engagement to the handsome and wealthy Paul Patterson, she wanted the K club there on her Hen Night. After being wined and dined at an expensive restaurant, they made their way to "The Night club Tropicana" to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. As they settled into their reserved VIP area, it wasn't long before the drinks started flowing and the stripper arrived. The girls were all having the time of their life, but for one of them, it was to be the end of their life. During the course of the evening, one of the girls was found dead at the club. The police were called and held the remaining members of the K Club for questioning. Which of these girls was capable of committing murder, who was the unfortunate victim of this brutal crime and most importantly, can the killer be caught before they strike again? They say the Hell has no fury like women scorned so don't turn your back on anyone, it may be the last thing you do! Could it have been...

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Katie Fermantle - The Bride to be
Kerry Fermantle - The jealous sister
Kes Hamilton - The loving cousin
Kacey Plinkton - The girl with the grudge
Kaiya Tominsca - The sensible one
Kim Kebel - The Ex's sister
Kayleigh Crumpet - The worst best friend
Katiya Kane - The girl next door
Katherine Tenbury - Already married and Happy!
Kayla Kimble - She knows it before you do!
Kaitlyn Carmichael - Has flights of fancy!
Katrina Wisecracker - The up and coming model!

Authors comment : This game has been written as a girls only murder mystery party. It is ideal for a girly night in, sleepovers or indeed a Hen Night! If you want to include the men, they can always play the part of the detectives or you can be cruel and force them to dress as women!

Ultimate Murder Mystery games have multiple outcomes so the game can be played many times, with a different murderer, victim and mystery. Now the host really takes control and decides who is killed! Limited scripts allow for more improvising so you may play your character in your own style and choosing, providing a more freeform murder mystery experience!

Download contains:
Character information packs
Host information
Suspect sheets
Readme instructions

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GSM Games : Murder on the Hen Night [Download] Reviews

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Good scene/story and really fun to dress up and theme. Overly complicated with the very similar sounding K names (even with name badges) and some of the stories didn't match up. Also thought there should have been specific questions players had to ask other players in order for clue finding to be less ambiguous. Alice (2016)
We had good fun playing this game but there were some major flaws which made the game more complicated than it needed to be. The K club was a fun idea but in practice remembering up to 12 names that all began with K was really tricky and affected the fluidity of the game. The way the information was presented in the packs was not laid out in a way which made it easy to digest. It needed more text boxes bullets points etc. the secrets tasks were a great idea but were not balanced properly some were really easy and some(like mine a dance routine)Anon (2015)
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