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Which is the best murder mystery party for you?

So you want to host a murder mystery dinner party. But which one is best for you?

"In a rush? Although one size doesn't fit all, for most people our best selling game Murder at the Manor is a great choice."

Choosing a murder mystery might seem simple – you just pick one that sounds fun, right? – but the truth is there’s a little more to it than that. Not all murder mystery games are created equal. Some are easy to play out of the box while others require a little more effort. Some work better if your guests mingle, others are designed to be played around the dinner table. Some are serious, some are silly and others are downright rude!

Knowing what you want from your murder mystery game is the easiest way to ensure an enjoyable evening. So before you click off to buy the game with the nicest cover/silliest character names, take a look below to see which kit would suit you best.



You’re hosting a murder mystery party for the first time...

Go for one of our BOXED GAMES. Everything you need is included and they're really easy to play.


Click to view our range of boxed murder mystery games




You're not sure how many guests you'll have...

You need a MURDER MYSTERY FLEXI-PARTY. The murderer isn't picked until everyone has arrived so your party will still run smoothly even if the guest list isn't quite as planned.


Click to view our Murder Mystery Flexi-Party range




You want a game that's just for girls...

For a hen party or just a fun girls night in, our ALL-FEMALE GAMES are completely testosterone free.


Click to view our selection of girls-only murder mystery games




You need to entertain a large group...

A MURDER MYSTERY THEATRE game would be ideal. You just need 8 people to act out the mystery and an audience of any size to guess whodunit. You can also play these in your living room without an audience if you like.


Click to view our range of Murder Mystery Theatre games




You want a game that’s suitable for teens or that won't offend the vicar...

Go for one of our more FAMILY FRIENDLY games for inter-generational fun or try YOUNG ADULT EDITIONS specifically made for teenage parties.


Click to view games that are suitable for teens and vicars!  Click to view all our Young Adult Editions!




You’ve hosted a murder mystery before and you want something a bit different...

Try a SIMPLY MURDER FLEXI-PARTY or an ULTIMATE MURDER MYSTERY to give your guests more freedom to improvise. Or try a MURDER MYSTERY THEATRE game for some extreme amateur dramatics!

Click to view improvised murder mystery dinner party games.  Click to view improvised murder mystery dinner party games.   Click to view performance murder mystery games




You need a game in a hurry...

Order a DOWNLOAD murder mystery and you can start printing the game files within minutes. And don't worry - our download games start at just 24 printable pages.


Click to view our full range of downloadable murder mystery kits




You're interested in those 'downright rude' games mentioned earlier...

In our opinion, it's impossible to play A VERY SHAKESPEAREAN MURDER, MURDER AT THE DISCO or GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS without blushing!


Click to view A Very Shakespearean MurderClick to view Murder at the Disco    Click to view Girls Just Wanna Have Guns




And finally, if you don’t know what you want...

Drop us an email support@murdermysterystore.co.uk or call us on 01945 232099 and we'll recommend the perfect game for you!