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GSM Games : Crisis at the College [Download]


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It was a night of celebration at Cooltown College. The college year was almost over and the Headmaster had allowed a group of senior honour students to throw an impromptu party at the college to celebrate their impending success. Several Professors and the headmaster had stayed to supervise the party and to keep an eye on other students who were finishing last minute projects in various classrooms around the school. The school caretaker was also working on the grounds that night. The party goers seemed to be having a fantastic time, especially when the party ended up spilling out into the school hall and into the recreational area. As the evening started drawing to a close though, tragedy struck and a body was found in the college grounds. Which party goer was it, why did they die and more importantly who was responsible? The police were immediately called and everyone was held at the college, pending an investigation. While the police were going about their business, everyone set about trying to solve the murder to exonerate their names, but what other sinister motives were going on underneath the surface? What secrets were people hiding and who would resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden? All will be revealed in "Crisis at the college".

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The suspects are:
Alfred Sweeper - The College Caretaker
Camilla Painter - The Art Teacher
Carl I Turner - The Computer Studies Teacher
Drake Webster - The I.T. Student
Emily Brainsworth - The Psychology Teacher
Jacqueline Moneywell - The Psychology Student
Lucy Lighter - The Design and Construction Student
Oliver Drawington - The Art Student
Samantha Moneywell - The Pyschology Student
Simon Makers - The Design and Construction Teacher
Suzy Greenacres - The Art Student
Theobold Teachalot - The Headmaster
Tony Drayton - The Design and Construction Student

Ultimate Murder Mystery games have multiple outcomes so the game can be played many times, with a different murderer, victim and mystery. Now the host really takes control and decides who is killed! Limited scripts allow for more improvising so you may play your character in your own style and choosing, providing a more freeform murder mystery experience!

Download contains:
Character information packs
Character images
Character relationships sheet
Host information
Game money for printing
Suspect sheets
Readme instructions

Note: Download games are digital files for you to download and print - this is not a boxed game.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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GSM Games : Crisis at the College [Download] Reviews

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I bought this game for my 21st birthday party. Everyone had a brilliant time. The game was both complex, in terms of the mystery, and easy, in terms of understanding what to do. We found it really funny. There were a few typos in the booklets but nothing that caused confusion. We played with 10/13 characters and this didn't seem to adversely affect the gameplay. 3 guests guessed the murderer which I think is a good number. I would definitely recommend this game. As the host, make sure your guests completely understand the running order before starting as I had to stop and explain what was going on a couple of times.Emma (2014)
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