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Murder in the Roaring '20s [Download]


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Gray Catsby has invited his most talented and wealthy friends to a charity gala event at his countryside residence, Catsby Hall. But before any dancing and donations begin, Catsby’s fiancée, Ginger Whiskers, is found dead in the dumbwaiter! Join the flappers and dappers to find out who finished her off! 1920s fun for up to 14 players!

* Play with ANY number or combination of 6-14 suspects.
* Host can play too.
* Games last 2-3 hours (~ 10-15mins per guest)
* The murderer is secretly chosen on the night so 'no shows' are fine.
* No random guessing! Suspects have alternate stories if they're guilty to help you solve whodunit.
* Fully scripted questions and answers for maximum fun and minimum effort.

The Flappers:
CLEA DU BOUDOIR, Catsby’s maid
TOOTS MAHONEY, club hostess
SYDNEY HILTON, a fashionable debutante
HALLIDAY INN, the young hotel heiress
GRETA GARBLED, the actress and poet
CHYNA BALLOONS, the dancer
BOOBOO B’DOO, the singer

The Dappers:
ART DECO, the architect
CASEY STUMBLES, Catsby’s butler
KNUCKLES BALONEY, the gangster
FARLEY HATPIN, the silent movie mogul
GRAY CATSBY, the bright young thing
BEBOP B’DOO, the jazz pianist

* Invite your guests to to view detailed suspect bios and costume suggestions.

Downloadable contents:
+ Host guide with rules
+ Suspect sheets
+ Invitations with costume suggestions
+ Audio evidence, that can optionally be read out (supplied via
+ Question menus
+ Whodunit slips to randomly choose the murderer
+ Includes a Young Adult version in the same download!

* Murder Mystery Flexi Party® takes the stress out of hosting and is our bestselling brand!

GUIDANCE : murderous themes, mild innuendo, suggestion of marital affairs and no profanity.
This download also includes a 'Young Adult' version (no innuendo, no references to alcohol) which may be suitable for younger players at parents discretion.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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Murder in the Roaring '20s [Download] Reviews

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We had a fabulous time even though we ended up with more characters than planned we managed to easily improvise and write up 4 new characters. The guests soon got into character and everyone had a blast!Suz (2017)
We had a great night playing the murder mystery- the characters were fun and hilarious to play and a good time was had by all! Highly recommend!Catherine (2017)
I had never organised a game like this before, so I was very happy after purchasing the game. The story and characters were great and very clear instructions. We were putting on a birthday party for a group of 15yr old girls. They loved it and made a big effort to get into character. Any questions I had for the murdermystery team were quickly answered. They were a great help. The evening was a big success and we will definitely try this again with adults next time. Awesome. Steve (2017)
It was a 'roaring' success, and a fantastic night had by all. We recommend this to anyone who wishes to host a dinner party with a difference. It was so easy to do and explain to our guests how it worked. Everyone came dressed appropriately as their characters. Will definitely play again.Liz&Alan (2017)
I work on a ship so getting a delivered game is tricky. This was the perfect alternative! The download was easy and quick and everyone got really into the game, with what limited supplies we had being used to make props! (Think a medical sick bucket spray painted black as a top hat...) Audio clips were a great addition and the suggested '20s playlist on spotify was great for setting the scene. Will definitely purchase another one at some time!Rosie (2017)
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