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GSM Games : The Christmas Killer [Download]


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It was a few days before the festive holidays and the staff at Easily Cheesy Pizzeria, were looking forward to their Christmas celebration. Even though Easily Cheesy Pizzeria was a small restaurant and had only been open for a year, it was very popular with its customers and the employees were usually rushed off their feet every night. As a reward for all of their hard work throughout the year, the pizzeria owner, Pete Zar, had organized the Christmas get-together for his staff. He had hired a banqueting suite at a popular local hotel, laid on a DJ, food and had even put some money behind the bar, just to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. Everyone was so busy celebrating that no one noticed when one of their number went missing… that was at least until a body was found! The police were immediately called and everyone was held at the hotel pending the arrival of the infamous Detective Inspector Sammer. Whilst the police were going about their business, everyone set about trying to solve the case to help exonerate their names, but what other sinister motives were going on underneath the surface? What secrets were people hiding, who could resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden and will anyone else suffer at the hands of "The Christmas Killer"!

New download only version! Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

The suspects are:
Ali Coholic - The Barmaid
Bill Wong - The Foreign Waiter
Daisy Pan - The Crazy Cook
Declan Spinner - The DJ
Fona Answer - The Paper Shuffler
Pete Zar - The Big Cheese
Tina Break - The Sneaky Waitress
Will Burn - The Depressed Chef

Ultimate Murder Mystery games have multiple outcomes so the game can be played many times, with a different murderer, victim and mystery. Now the host really takes control and decides who is killed! Limited scripts allow for more improvising so you may play your character in your own style and choosing, providing a more freeform murder mystery experience!

Download contains:
Character information packs
Character images
Character relationships sheet
Host information
Game money for printing
Suspect sheets
Readme instructions

Note: Download games are digital files for you to download and print - this is not a boxed game.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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GSM Games : The Christmas Killer [Download] Reviews

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Good fun, but too vague and needs more structure. I have played better ones, where new facts are introduced periodically to individual characters - this way of doing it keeps it going. With this one, you have all the info' at the start so it's harder to keep it going. Overall it was fun, but definitely needs more structure.Suzanne (2015)
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