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A Game of Murder in Moordoor


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Young, cruel King Toffrey is stabbed with a dagger in the throne room, but which of the unlikely band of revellers did it? Gather round the great fireplace with knights and ladies, sorcerers and thieves, elves, dwarves and dragon-slayers, and embark on a perilous - and hilarious - quest to discover who slayed the king!

Suspicious Maidens:
CHASTITY - the King's intended wife
JEWEL - a fiesty, fearless rogue
CANDIDA - the caring healer
BERNIE - a mage-in-training
SHEENA PROUDLEGS - the shieldmaiden
ICY DEADPEEPS - the creepy necromancer next-door

Suspicious Menfolk:
SHAZAM - the wise-ish wizard
THUD - a barbarian of big sword and small words
LEGLESS - the drunken elf
MCSPORRAN - a dwarf with anger management issues
SIR PRANCELOT - the vain knight
THE BLACK KNIGHT - a hopping mad sword-for-hire

NEW! - Email invitations. Visit the Murder Mystery Party website to view character bios, costume suggestions and invite your guests!

Re-usable white box and lid contains:
How to host guide with rules and evidence
A pad of whodunit slips to choose the murderer
A question menu for seated dinner party style games
12 character sheets with integrated question menus for buffet style parties
12 invitations with costume suggestions, that can also be used as place-settings
*audio evidence also available to download

Take the stress out of hosting with our bestselling brand!
* Play with ANY combination of 4-12 guests. No-one is 'bolted on', everyone's a suspect.
* The murderer is chosen on the night so the party still goes on if someone can't make it!
* No random guessing! Suspects have different stories if they're guilty, with important clues to help you solve whodunit.

(Written by Tim & Lynda Cowles, authors of the best selling Murder Mystery Party DVD boxed games)

Good times for groups:
An excellent way to spend a role-playing evening with friends. Each party takes 2-3 hours to play. They are filled with intrigue, suspense, humour and the fun of playing both detective and suspect. This game is designed to be played by up to 6 male and 6 female players, in any combination (minimum of 4).


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A Game of Murder in Moordoor

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Great fun. The costume suggestions were followed by all and were hilarious! We set the scene with the music provided, a couldron of stew (goulash) and crusty bread, fireplace lit, sage and candles burning. We had 14 guests so made up 2 extra players. Not sure how this game can be topped it was brilliant, thank you.Candida 2023 (2023)
We really enjoyed the evening, a great laugh all round! We like the idea that the murderer is chosen on the night, as this frees the host from this burden and allows you to re-use the game with different people or at a later date We would recommend this to everyone; the costumes that people wear just add to the occasion59pierre (2017)
On the whole we had a great evening hosting this game for a dinner party. The flexibility of choosing a murderer on the night was one of the primary reasons we chose this particular set, as we were not sure how many people would be able to make it, and it worked out really well. Everyone had fun getting into character and the game provided enough prompting to give everyone an idea of what to do but still let people improvise. We didn't have a full group, so we will definitely play this again with a different set of people and try other packs in the future.P & C (2017)
Sadly, for us, it did not tick any boxes. We found the game confusing and provided little entertainment. The laughs we had came from the costumes adorned and the characters we all gamely put on. Not sure if we'll buy another.Drew (2017)
Absolutely fantastic fun.. haven't laughed so much in a long time! Played with 12, all dressed up and sit down food . Clear instructions to follow.. will definitely get another ! Kitty (2017)