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Murder in the Library [Download]


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Romance writer Lady Cattersley has been snuffed out at Cattersley Manor, but whodunit? There's a body in the library, a secret passageway in the bookcase, and maybe even a ghost in the parlour... so gather your friends for a twisty murder mystery where your choices matter!

- Flexible - choose any suspects!
- Host can play
- Easily expandable (additional characters available!)
- Great with a sit-down meal or mingling
- Optional audio evidence
- Takes 1-3 hours
- Recommended for 13+

Murder in the Library! Starring...

Female Suspects...
FLICKA BROOME the clumsy Maid
MS TRINIAN the strict Headmistress
PHYLLIS ORA the flamboyant Psychic Medium
ROWAN WEEDS the zen Gardener
RUBY DAGGERS the charming Actress

Male Suspects...
CONSTABLE CRUMBLY the paper-pushing Police Officer
MAJOR CLANGER the bumbling Spy
MAX CRUISE the adrenaline-fuelled Chauffeur
NOAH SINNER the overly judgemental Vicar
PROFESSOR PI the pastry loving Food Scientist

Plus 4 suspects that can be played by any gender...
CHEF FLAMBÉ the fiery Cook
DOCTOR RASH the absent-minded GP
DUSTY TOMES the obsessed Librarian
VIC VOLLEY the arrogant Tennis Ace

See the Murder Mystery Party website for full character bios and costume suggestions!

Downloadable Contents:
+ Host guide with rules
+ Evidence (optional audio performance)
+ Suspect sheets
+ Invitations
+ Whodunit slips to randomly choose the murderer

CHOOSE how to investigate... Will you watch the security footage or read the will? Do you want to know more about the death threats or the poisoned cake! Based on the bestselling Murder Mystery Flexi Party format, Murderous Decisions games are our most flexible yet, with fully scripted dialogue and an exciting mix of characters for you to pick and choose! The clues in the carefully constructed evidence will point to the killer every single time - no matter who picks the guilty slip!

Take the stress out of hosting with Murderous Decisions!
* Play with ANY combination of 6-14 guests. No-one is 'bolted on', everyone's a suspect.
* The murderer is chosen on the night so the party still goes on if someone can't make it!
* No random guessing! Suspects have different stories if they're guilty, with important clues to help you solve whodunit.

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Contains themes of murder and passing references to alcohol.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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Murder in the Library

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