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A guide to Murder Mystery Flexi Party games

What is Murder Mystery Flexi Party?

Simply put, Murder Mystery Flexi Party® is a new range of murder mystery games that gives you flexibility over guests - even if those guests change at the last minute. Traditional murder mystery games usually require an exact number of players to work, which can mean disaster if one of your guests is struck down with the lurgy. With a Flexi Party, your party can carry on regardless.

Whereas a traditional game might say it’s for eight players, or maybe 6-8 players, a Murder Mystery Flexi Party game will cater for a much bigger range, say 4-12. This means you can play it with any number of guests in that range and you can choose any of the characters. So if you think a character sounds boring, it’s no problem - just leave them out.


Why should I choose a Flexi Party game?

You should always choose whichever murder mystery game appeals to you - whether that’s because of the setting, the characters, or simply because you like the cover. However, we’d recommend you buy a Flexi Party if…

  • you’re not yet sure who you’re going to invite or who can make it
  • you have an uneven mix of male and female guests, say, five women and three men
  • there’s a chance you might have unexpected extra guests
  • there’s a chance one or more of your guests will drop out at the last minute

Additionally, as the murderer isn’t fixed, you can play a Murder Mystery Flexi Party game more than once - although we’d recommend you play with a different set of guests or wait several months until you’ve forgotten some of the clues!


How does Murder Mystery Flexi Party work?

Murder Mystery Flexi Party games work by not having a fixed murderer. That means all Murder Mystery Flexi Party characters are both innocent and guilty until the party starts.

Here's how it works:

  1. At the very start of the party, each guest chooses a Whodunit card at random and in secret. This card will tell them if they’re innocent or guilty.
  2. During the party, guests listen to evidence and ask each other questions. The answers are given in the character sheets and sometimes there will be two different answers to the same question - one to read if you’re innocent, the other if you’re guilty.
  3. At the end of the game, each character has two “statements” - one short “innocent” statement, and a longer and more Oscar-worthy speech in which they confess if they’re the murderer.

Note Simply Murder Flexi Party games don't contain scripted questions and answers or finishing statements. Instead, they allow you to improvise your role using the key facts provided. They still have the same flexibility when it comes to player numbers.


Will guests be able to solve the mystery?

Yes, as long as the guilty player remembers to read their 'guilty' responses! If you're paying attention to everyone's responses, you should be able to work out who the murderer is. Fundamentally, the only difference between Flexi Party games and games with a fixed number of players is that you're not told who to question in a Flexi Party game.


Can I play or will I know who the murderer is?

No one knows who the murderer is - except the murderer. As host, you can either deal out the Whodunit cards or allow your guests to pick them at random, but as long as no one reveals their card (or giggles uncontrollably) you won’t be any the wiser so you can play too.


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