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7 ways to create a fake crime scene in your home

Nothing says murder like a fresh crime scene. Here are 7 simple ways you can add that "justdoneit" feel to your party.


1. Crime scene tape

Seal off a staging area in one corner of your room or use it to restrict access to those messy rooms in your house you'd rather your guests didn't see. Crime scene tape is readily available from Amazon and other retailers.


2. Chalk outline

Have someone lie on the ground in a 'dead body' pose and then use masking tape to draw an outline around their body. The best bit of this is watching your guests carefully step around the 'victim' all night!


3. Bloody handprints

Red paint + your hand = well, it could get messy. Use this sparingly and try to avoid getting it on the walls! We recommend placing your bloody handprints - or fingerprints - on disposable objects such as paper cups, envelopes, or old clothing "left at the scene".


4. Evidence markers

By which we mean those yellow numbered tentfold things you always see on CSI. They're really easy to make - you just need to cut and fold some stiff yellow card. Number each one with a black marker and place them strategically around the room - one on the mantelpiece, one by the window, one on the stairs...


5. Footprints

Let's face it, with our weather, there's usually no shortage of mud. Dip a nice big boot into it and then press firmly onto some white paper. Repeat (no need to rinse). Once the mud has dried, cut out and fix to the floor with some bluetack or a rolled up bit of sellotape. If you have a light coloured floor, just cut footprints out of black craft paper instead.


6. Signs of a struggle

Maybe the victim put up a fight; maybe the killer's just clumsy. Either way, throw some books on the floor, overturn a chair, and - carefully - knock over a table lamp. It'll look just like something bad has gone "dahn".


7. Police presence

Okay, maybe we're pushing the budget here, but if you do happen to have any extra guests floating around (or teenage offspring with nothing to do), throw a fake police vest on them and make them part of the scenery. They can protect the crime scene, keep the peace and - in a pinch - serve drinks!


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