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Pop Up Murder: Christmas [Download]

by Pop Up Murder (3 to 8 players)


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A pop-up murder mystery game that anyone can enjoy!
Family, friends, couples, or on your own!
Download, print & play for instant fun!

Lord Dedman has been shot in the drawing room on Christmas Eve! A message scrawled in blood on the fireplace hints at the killer's identity but can you crack codes, find hidden clues, and put the pieces together to figure out which of the three suspects is guilty?

- a delightful mystery that unravels page by page
- solve puzzles and examine the evidence
- family friendly, suitable for ages 8-118 and any number of players
- can be played remotely, just send the contents via email

Pop Up Murder is a read-aloud cozy mystery story with puzzles, that players can all solve together. There are no rules to learn as the game guides you as you go along. For players that want to feel more like they’re part of the story, there are scripted one-liners for up to 8 sleuths to perform, but there’s no dressing-up or accusing each other of murder!

- instructions
- a cozy mystery story that unfolds in 14 exciting scenes
- scripted one-liners to help you join in the action with fill-in-the-blanks fun
- six pieces of evidence to examine
- four family friendly puzzles to solve
- optional Christmas song quiz
- full solution
- delivered as a .zip file in .pdf format, 23 pages, A4

This game takes 1-2 hours to play, however, you don't have to solve it all in one go. Feel free to split it up around presents, Christmas dinner and building a snowman (weather permitting)!

Suitable for ages 8-118 at parents discretion!
Contains references to murder, blood and gambling.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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