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Murder on a Train


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In the coldest month of 1933, somewhere near the Austrian border, passengers aboard the Simpleton-Orient Express experience a murder that will change their lives forever! But who killed mysterious stranger John Doe? Go full steam ahead with up to 7 female and 7 male passengers!

* Flexible - choose any suspects!
* Host can play
* Great with a sit-down meal or mingling
* Optional audio evidence
* Takes 2-3 hours
* Recommended for 13+ (see below)
* Also available as an instant download

THE SPY - Miss Crimson
THE WIDOW - Jane Doe
THE DUCHESS - Duchess Of Downton
THE ACTRESS - Vanity Valentine
THE NUN - Sister Soprano
THE NURSE - Elektra Cushen

THE DETECTIVE - Monsieur Irkel Parrott
THE ILLUSIONIST - The Great Houdunni
THE DOCTOR - Dr Sawders
THE PROFESSOR - Albert Weinstein

Visit the Murder Mystery Party website to view character bios, costume suggestions and invite your guests!

This is a professionally printed, ready-to-play boxed set which will be sent through the post.
You'll receive a re-usable white lidded box containing:
How to host guide with rules and evidence (optional audio evidence available online)
A pad of whodunit slips to choose the murderer
A question menu for seated dinner party style games
14 character sheets with integrated question menus for buffet style parties
14 invitations with costume suggestions, that can also be used as place-settings

Looking for the download? Click here.

Recommended for: 13+
Contains murder, mild innuendo and shady suspects!
Please note the manufacturer's age rating on the box is 18+ as it is not considered a toy. However, we feel the game contents are suitable for teenagers. Parents should examine the contents for suitability before allowing their children to play this game (returns accepted).

Take the stress out of hosting with our bestselling brand!
* Play with ANY combination of 6-14 guests. No-one is 'bolted on', everyone's a suspect.
* The murderer is chosen on the night so the party still goes on if someone can't make it!
No random guessing! Suspects have different stories if they're guilty, with important clues to help you solve whodunit.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

EU & NI CUSTOMERS: Physical orders will be held in customs and you will need to pay additional import fees and tax in addition to our price.

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Murder on a Train Reviews

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This was the perfect New Year’s Eve game! We had 9 players including 4 children aged 10 - 15. I have to confess that we engineered the the youngest were not the murderers as we didn’t feel they could handle it...but it was still a surprise on the night. All our guests made a lot of effort with their costumes. The game itself was easy to plan, run and play. I was very impressed with the Spotify playlist (which was very helpful) The kit is well thought out and you just have to read it through to get it right in your head! We had such a marvellous time playing this over a sit down 3 course meal. It took us longer than planned ( nearly 4 hours) but we were having so much fun with it. 2 of our 9 guests guessed correctly. This game was worth every penny. It was totally stress free and great fun...also I had a question regarding menu choices and they came right back to me with reference and suggestions. Well done! A great idea and has left us wanting to play another! Julie Brooksbank (2018)
We were first time murder mystery dinner party hosts,and the event went well. The flexibility over the number of characters was a real help. Nobody guest who done it, but on review all agreed that they should have. We will definitely play this one again and probably another one in the series. The product arrived quickly and all in good order. The peripheral help and support was also very good. Would thoroughly recommend it.Irkel Parrott-( Norfolk not Belgium) (2017)