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Murder à la Carte by Paul Lamond

Murder à la Carte games (rebranded as Inspector McClue) are designed to be played around a dinner table. They feature 3 main question and answer rounds, interspersed with clues and short scripted dialogue exchanges. Some come with audio CDs, some with DVDs, but in all cases itís necessary to play the disc to solve the murder. Murder à la Carte games always include two optional characters so, for example, a 6-8 player game contains 6 main roles and 2 smaller roles. Suitable for 12+ and polite company.
A Cuban Killing £14.99
Sold out | 6 - 8 players
A Slice of Murder £14.99
In stock | 6 - 8 players
Death by Chocolate £14.99
In stock | 6 - 8 players
The Brie, the Bullet and the Black Cat £14.99
Sold out | 10 - 12 players
The Champagne Murders £14.99
Sold out | 8 - 10 players
The Diamonds, the Dagger & One Classy Dame £14.99
In stock | 10 - 12 players
The Monte-Carlo Murders £14.99
Sold out | 6 - 8 players

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