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Murder on Starship Deathstation IV [Download]


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Join our major sci-fi mashup homage, as Chief Engineer Snotty is selling the blueprints to his latest planet destroying space station! But before the auction can begin Snotty is found in the engine room, spliced in two! Host your own party to find out who turned Snotty into a red shirt! May the farce be with you!

* Play with ANY number or combination of 4-12 suspects.
* Host can play too.
* Games last 2-3 hours (~ 10-15mins per guest)
* The murderer is secretly chosen on the night so 'no shows' are fine.
* No random guessing! Suspects have alternate stories if they're guilty to help you solve whodunit.
* Fully scripted questions and answers for maximum fun and minimum effort.

Female suspects:
PRINCESS LAYER - Royal Princess
YOO HOO - Communications Officer
RIP LEIGH - Alien ship survivor
STARSTRUCK - Starfighter pilot
ROBERTA - A 'Duplicant' (android)

Male suspects:
CAPTAIN BIRK - Starship Captain
HAN SANDWICH - Space Smuggler
VROCK - Culkin Officer
CAPTAIN DICK DEKKER - Android hunter
DAH FADER - Sauce Master

Male or female suspects:
DR FOO - A time travelling alien..?
GOADER - Master Sauce

* Invite your guests to to view detailed suspect bios and costume suggestions.

Downloadable contents:
+ Host guide with rules
+ Suspect sheets
+ Invitations with costume suggestions
+ Audio evidence, that can optionally be read out (supplied via
+ Question menus
+ Whodunit slips to randomly choose the murderer

* Murder Mystery Flexi Party® takes the stress out of hosting and is our bestselling brand!

GUIDANCE : mature themes, innuendo and no profanity.
This game is recommended for ages 18 and upwards as it is not a toy.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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Murder on Starship Deathstation

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Murder on Starship Deathstation IV [Download] Reviews

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I've done a few of the other games and as always this did not disappoint. We all had great fun and found that it worked really well over a video chat (the pandemic meaning a face to face party was not possible). Getting the downloadable kit meant we could email each person their character sheets and still have fun in a safe and distanced way. We even made backdrops to enhance the experience. Definitely a great way to have some halloween fun in a very challenging year. Amy (2020)
This mystery went over very well with our mystery veteran group. The characters were good, and the mystery challenging enough but not impossible. I love the fact that it was flexible right up to the last minute in case somebody didn't show up. We had one person who wasn't feeling well and we could make sure she wasn't the murder if she needed to leave early. What I would change is the printing set up. It assumes that how your printer is going to handle odd and even pages and front to back and back to front will be the same as the author's printer. Mine was not. I wasted a lot of paper and then I had to look at information because I had to figure out whether it printed correctly or not. So I would prefer clear instructions that say if you your printer prints last page 1st do it this way and if your printer prints first page 1st do it that way. We ended up just printing one-sided but we still had to figure out how to put it together right. That was kind of annoying. It might also be helpful to have a small footer or header with the name of the character that the page applies to. That would've helped. But the mystery was good and I would go for a Flexi again.Joanne from Maryland (2017)
We had a really great time with this party! It was fun to role play and the content was funny. We had 11 people, so it was kind of hard to keep all of the facts straight. I would recommend giving your guests a bit of time to read over the "guilty" confession for their character so they know what to emphasize to seem more questionable. Some of the content was more mature than I was expecting - a lot of innuendo. Anon (2017)
We had a fun time. It was a surprise for my husband’s birthday. The look on his face when our friends showed up in costume was priceless! That being said, no one figured it out. I can’t remember it exactly and wouldn’t spoil it anyhow, but I think it was some small wording of the dialogue that gave it away and none of us caught it. Our guests really threw themselves into their roles and we had a great time regardlessAmy (2017)
Great fun. Easy to arrange. People enjoyed the role play. KenL (2016)
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