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A Game of Murder in Moordoor [Download]


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Young, cruel King Toffrey is stabbed with a dagger in the throne room, but which of the unlikely band of revellers did it? Gather round the great fireplace with knights and ladies, sorcerers and thieves, elves, dwarves and dragon-slayers, and embark on a perilous - and hilarious - quest to discover who slayed the king!

* Play with ANY number or combination of 4-12 suspects.
* Host can play too.
* Games last 2-3 hours (~ 10-15mins per guest)
* The murderer is secretly chosen on the night so 'no shows' are fine.
* No random guessing! Suspects have alternate stories if they're guilty to help you solve whodunit.
* Fully scripted questions and answers for maximum fun and minimum effort.

Suspicious Maidens:
CHASTITY - the King's intended wife
JEWEL - a fiesty, fearless rogue
CANDIDA - the caring healer
BERNIE - a mage-in-training
SHEENA PROUDLEGS - the shieldmaiden
ICY DEADPEEPS - the creepy necromancer next-door

Suspicious Menfolk:
SHAZAM - the wise-ish wizard
THUD - a barbarian of big sword and small words
LEGLESS - the drunken elf
MCSPORRAN - a dwarf with anger management issues
SIR PRANCELOT - the vain knight
THE BLACK KNIGHT - a hopping mad sword-for-hire

* Invite your guests to to view detailed suspect bios and costume suggestions.

Downloadable contents:
+ Host guide with rules
+ Suspect sheets
+ Invitations with costume suggestions
+ Audio evidence, that can optionally be read out (supplied via
+ Question menus
+ Whodunit slips to randomly choose the murderer

* Murder Mystery Flexi Party® takes the stress out of hosting and is our bestselling brand!

GUIDANCE : adult themes, plentiful innuendo
This game is recommended for ages 18 and upwards as it is not a toy.

For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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A Game of Murder in Moordoor

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A Game of Murder in Moordoor [Download] Reviews

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We had never tried a downloadable game like this before, and we were nervous whether it would work in an online meeting format, but it sounded like fun and we went for it. What a great decision! Everything worked really well and really flexibly - we varied a couple of the characters to suit our party of nine - ages 13 to 87! - and everyone got into it and had a great time. Some really funny bits of script and great opportunities to do voices and ham it up a bit. Many thanks!Richard (2020)
We really enjoyed the theme which we thought was original and suited both men and women's interests. Our guests went to town on the costumes and found the suggestions in the paperwork/online very useful and relatively simple to replicate. The story however was a little confusing, particularly in relation to a couple of the characters (Legless, Icydeadpeeps, The Black Knight). On the whole the overall effect was great, we had lots of fun and, due to the quick and easy access to the downloadable game, which made it easier to organise, we would play one of these again.Hannah (2017)
Really enjoyed it, had a very enjoyable evening. I was a bit worried as I'd done some of the McClue mysteries before and was worried that such a cheap option (I downloaded the mystery) wouldn't be as good. I could not have been more wrong, it was a great game, we had a lot of fun and there were some very funny lines to read out. Definitely would reccomend and hopefully will get a chance to do another one soon! Josie (2017)
Great night had by all! Really easy to follow (even after a couple of drinks) and really good fun. ThanksAnon (2015)
Despite playing many murder mysteries I have never done a download one before. I don't know what I was worried about, it had everything we needed. Even the most reluctant family member enjoyed it as it had a script for them and the others could elaborate. We thought it was a good story and easy to follow. We made a few shields out of cardboard and tin foil and found a log fire on the pc which played in the background and we were set. A very good New Years Eve. Mum of 7 (2015)
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