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Cookies - How we use them and your privacy

Here's a full rundown of the cookies we use on our website and what information is collected. Note that all of our cookies bar one (the 'stay logged in' cookie) are stored temporarily for the duration of your visit.

Essential Cookies

Basket Cookie
Our basket cookie stores the products you have added. No personal information is stored.

Login Cookie
Our login cookie temporarily stores your login details so we know whose order belongs to whom when you check out. If you use the 'Keep me logged in' checkbox during login a permanent cookie is created on your device so you don't have to login again in the future. No personal information is stored unless you use the 'keep me logged in' feature, in which case it stores your email address.

Navigation Cookie
Some pages on the website remember where you've come from so they can redirect you to the page you were on. For example, if you try to checkout without logging in, this cookie tells the login page to take you back to the checkout after you've logged in. On your account page it remembers which 'tab' you were looking at. No personal information is stored.

Extra Cookies

Product Cookie
We temporarily create a cookie when you visit a product page so that we know you're human! This is then checked if you want to email a friend a link, or request a price match. It doesn't do anything else other than stop search engine spiders (and other nefarious web crawlers) from posting spam to these services. No personal information is stored.

Referer Cookie
When you visit the website we store the refering URL (the link you clicked through on) in a cookie. If you place an order this URL is used to pay affiliate links. No personal information is stored.

Google Adwords (Third Party)
We use Google Adwords to gain new customers, and if you click through from a Google Adwords link a cookie is created by Google so they can charge us for the click-through, and so they can report to us if the click-through resulted in a sale. We don't create that cookie on our website, but we do have Google code on the last checkout page to see if one has been created for you.

Opt In or Opt Out?

Currently we're working on ways you can permanently opt out of our extra cookies (without storing your opt out information in another cookie!) but until then if you're unhappy with the cookies being used on the website, we can only apologise and ask you check back with us at a later date.