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Murder in the Roaring Twenties Young Adult


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Gray Catsby has invited his most talented and wealthy friends to a charity gala event at his countryside residence, Catsby Hall. But before any dancing and donations begin, Catsby’s fiancée, Ginger Whiskers, is found dead in the dumbwaiter! Join the flappers and dappers to find out who finished her off!

The Flappers:
CLEA DU BOUDOIR, Catsby’s maid
TOOTS MAHONEY, club hostess
SYDNEY HILTON, a fashionable debutante
HALLIDAY INN, the young hotel heiress
GRETA GARBLED, the actress and poet
CHYNA BALLOONS, the dancer
BOOBOO B’DOO, the singer

The Dappers:
ART DECO, the architect
CASEY STUMBLES, Catsby’s butler
KNUCKLES BALONEY, the gangster
FARLEY HATPIN, the silent movie mogul
GRAY CATSBY, the bright young thing
BEBOP B’DOO, the jazz pianist

NEW! - Email invitations. Visit the Murder Mystery Party website to view character bios, costume suggestions and invite your guests!

Re-usable white storage box and lid contains:
How to host guide with rules and evidence
A pad of whodunit slips to choose the murderer
A question menu for seated dinner party style games
14 character sheets with integrated question menus for buffet style parties
14 invitations with costume suggestions, that can also be used as placesettings
1 audio CD (optionally replaces evidence sheets, mp3 downloads also available)

Take the stress out of hosting with our bestselling brand!
* Play with ANY combination of 6-14 guests. No-one is 'bolted on', everyone's a suspect.
* The murderer is chosen on the night so the party still goes on if someone can't make it!
* No random guessing! Suspects have different stories if they're guilty, with important clues to help you solve whodunit.

YOUNG ADULT EDITION - We've replaced our dodgy innuendos and sketchy dialogue with all new dad jokes! Fit for young adults (age 14+), groups with mixed moral yardsticks and playing at the Vicar's tea party (probably). We couldn't remove a few references to gambling as that would have totally killed the plot, but as with most of our games there's no swearing and it's all good natured fun. Apart from the murder of course...

Good times for groups:
An excellent way to spend a role-playing evening with friends. Each party takes 2-3 hours to play. They are filled with intrigue, suspense, humour and the fun of playing both detective and suspect. This game is designed to be played by up to 7 male and 7 female players, in any combination (minimum of 6).

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For non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

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**We are
temporarily closed for physical orders. Download orders are still instant, email support still available.**

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