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The Lady and the Lizard


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Based on the BBC programme Death in Paradise.

Saint Marie is one of the most beautiful and seductive islands in the Caribbean, but even paradise has its problems...

This is the first time that the celebrated American art critic Jeremy Nono has ever been to Saint Marie. It will also be the last. Because yesterday morning he was found dead in a rented apartment, tied to a chair, strangled and with strange lettering painted on his body.

Now Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman has assembled the suspects in the case, and you are one of those under suspicion. It's in your interest to find out the identity of the murderer - or murderers.

Female suspects
JEMIMA NONO - A wealthy American who was married to the murdered man. Her vast inheritance has allowed her to explore her interests beyond the family businesses, including a thriving art gallery.
BELLE LA CROIX - A best-selling author, who writes about the occult and new age thinking, she came to the island three years ago and stayed, marrying Richard La Croix.
LAURA LOVETT - A popular singer who is now hoping to break into the American market, under the patronage of Jemima Nono.
MARIA MARTIN - Until yesterday, she was employed as the secretary to Jeremy Nono. Now that he's dead, her future is uncertain.

Male suspects
RICHARD LA CROIX - One of the more colourful figures on the island, he has long had a reputation as a gambler and womaniser, though he insists that's all in the past.
TERENCE RUMPLE - A successful local solicitor, whose clients include Richard and Belle La Croix.
PERRY GRAYSTOKE - An English artist who was briefly - a few years back - the sensation of the season in New York. More recently, he has been living quietly on Saint Marie.
ROLY WINTERTON - A British journalist touring the Caribbean in pursuit of a story about tax evasion. Now he seems to have found a different story altogether.

Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu. And with a Classic Detective Murder Mystery you have everything you need to serve up the perfect murder dinner party. First the invites, you choose which of your friends play which devious suspect and invite them to come along as that character. Then the shopping list, menu suggestions and recipes. Plus of course...a really tasty murder to solve. We guarantee that it will be drop dead fun, and that by the end of the evening one (or more) of the suspects, your 'friends', will be caught out as the murderer!

Party planner with game rules, recipes, music and decorating tips.
Character booklets, including their roles, background information and a few tasty secrets.
Place cards for each character.
Party invitations and envelopes for each character.
Six secret clues.
CD with an introduction, scene setter, summary of events and solution to the crime.



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The Lady and the Lizard Reviews

This was great and we had such a fun evening - very good value for money.Anon (2017)
Excellent fun lots of twists and turns no one was sure until the end of who was the murderer. Lou (2017)
Brilliant. Loved that nobody knew who the murderer was til the closing stages. Much better for the murderer playing and not knowing they did it. TG (2016)
Very well written and up to the usual high standard. Can we have more than just one new one every year?Dave, Singapore (2015)
Brilliant!!Lucy (2015)

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