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Murder in the Thirties


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Host a classy 1930s murder mystery! With Murder in the Thirties, your living room becomes the glamorous home of Sam Shady, private eye to the stars. You and your friends play Sam's clients and acquaintances – from the fiesty femme fatale and the lovelorn secretary to the petty thief fresh out of jail. Add some simple yet stylish costumes, a few sparkling cocktails, and it'll be just like you've stepped out of a classic movie!

"When a criminal gets arrested as much as I do, only Sam Shady can get me off!" - Jimmy Open

- 8 player murder mystery (4 female, 4 male)
- takes 1-2 hours to play
- recommended age 18+
- optional audio CD scene setter

Sam Shady is celebrating his birthday with his closest friends and one or two of his closest rivals. But when he steps out for a quiet smoke, one of them sneaks out too – to kill him. Host your own party to find out who shot Sam Shady!

Murder in the Thirties is a game for 8 players – 4 female and 4 male. You and your guests will each take on one of the following roles:

Female Roles
MANDY SEEVER, femme fatale. The doll with the dangerous curves. She may be dressed to kill, but is she a killer?
SUSO SHADY, Sam's Chinese wife. She's a real firecracker. Did she make Sam's birthday go with a bang?
LUCY LOVELESS, Dick Lacey’s secretary. She would do anything for love - does that include murder?
LADY FADDINGTON, star of stage and screen. She's a glamorous actress, so why does she need Sam Shady's services?

Male Roles
JIMMY OPEN, small-time crook. He may be handy with a crowbar – is he good with a gun?
DICK LACEY, rival private investigator. Straight-laced Dick does everything by the book. Killing Sam's not his style - or is it?
AL DABONE, pet shop owner. He has a sharp suit and a bark that's worse than his bite, but does he have a motive?
BOBBY CUFFS, police officer. An ambitious cop who's going places. Will he be going straight to jail?

Murder in the Thirties lets you host a stylish party with the minimum of fuss. The game contains everything you need to play – from the host's guide and costume suggestions to recipes for a full three-course meal (it also plays well as a 'buffet-style' party). Here are a few other tips to help you host an unforgettable murder mystery night:

The Decor
The 1930s were a time of glamour and extravagance. If you're planning decorations, black, gold and cream would work well as a colour scheme. Or match gold with any other colour – it was the Golden Age after all!
It's Sam's birthday, so how about a few 'presents' wrapped up on the table to set the scene?

The Music
We suggest the popular jazz and swing hits of Glenn Miller, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

The Cocktails
Try a Sidecar – a popular drink in the 1930s. Mix one part each of Cointreau and lemon juice with two parts Cognac. Shake well with lots of cracked ice then pour into a cocktail glass that's been frosted with lemon juice and sugar.

Murder in the Thirties was previously published in boxed format by BV Leisure and written by D'Avekki Studios, and sold successfully on the high street for many years. This version was remastered in 2017.

Host guide and rules
Eight guest invitations with costume suggestions
Menu suggestion with full recipes
Three pieces of group evidence and five clues
Author's solution (no peeking!)
Character booklets for all eight suspects
Audio CD - contains an optional scene setter to play at the start of your party
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Murder in the Thirties Reviews

Such good fun! The evening flew by and we almost missed seeing the New Year in. Good tips, clear simple instructions, funny dialogue and the videos made everyone feel at ease and join in without embarrassment. It was easy to start and stop the rounds allowing time to serve up different courses. I’d definitely buy another of the games and organise future murder mystery evenings. Thank you Stef (2018)
Absolutely loved the game. Was funny story and script. Didn't stop laughing the whole way through. Murder mystery store was brilliant. Lucy (2016)
This was an excellent game and what made even better was we hired a cottage in mid wales for the week end and played it ,the surroundings and a big homely log fire in the cottage made it more of a real mystery and suspense ,we all acted the characters and dressed up ,brilliant.Highly reccomended.ian (2015)
I don't usually write reviews but this game was so much fun and the company were really helpful when I couldn't get the DVD to play (probably my computer's fault not theirs, but they sent me a download version anyway). The characters are all pretty unique compared to some of the games where there are lots of similar roles (e.g. doctors) so it gives people a lot of scope to experiment with clothes/acting etc. There were lots of innuendos in the dialogue, which we loved, and hardly anyone guessed the murderer, unlike other games where it was pretty obvious. Chloe (2015)
Great game, especially as came recommeded by Lynda. It was good to go the whole hog by dressing up and having themed food - we had ourselves in stitches the whole night. Do not hesitate to buy from this company as they really care. I personally preferred to have the physical game rather than the download - it reduces some of the element of human error ;-)Trevor Barnett (2014)

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