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Murder Ahoy! [Download]


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A swashbuckling murder mystery set in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Captain Mugwash and his pirate crew are shipwrecked on a desert island where they find a buried treasure chest. But during a drunken celebration on the beach the Captain is discovered slumped over the chest, murdered! Host your own party to find out who buried the ol’ Sea Monkey!

- 8 players (4 female, 4 male)
- optional audio*
- takes 2-3 hours to play
- recommended age 18+
- print size 40 A4 sides

Previously sold as the boxed game of the same name and now out of print, you can download and play these classic high street games immediately. Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

Female suspects:
ORLA BOARD - Serving Wench (she’s everyone’s port in a storm!)
JILLY ROGERS - Captain’s Daughter (you can hoist her up the flagpole!)
LADY THRYCE-KNIGHTLY - The Stowaway (she’s quite feisty for someone so lady-likely!)
BONNIE TIMBERS - Ship’s Carpenter (she’ll work your wood in exchange for food!)

Male suspects:
RUSTY CLEAVER - Ship’s Surgeon (so much as a cough and he‘ll lop it off!)
REV PHIL McCOFFERS - The Hostage (he’ll take your gold before you’ve gone cold!)
LAN DO HOI - First Mate (his bright pirate clothes make people wish he’d stayed in the closet!)
“PIECES” O’MATES - Ship’s Cook (his stew is made from real Stewart!)

Printable contents:
Host Guide and Rules
Guest invitations and costume suggestions
Menu suggestions
Group evidence and clues
Author's Solution
Character booklets for all 8 suspects
Audio file* - contains an optional scene setter to play at the start of your party
*See davekki.com/classics for more downloads

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Murder Ahoy! [Download] Reviews

What a brilliant night, we loved the game and the downloadables were easy to do. I would suggest whoever prints them off doesn't read any of the booklets because it will spoil the mystery as it tells the character if he/she is the murderer. The character info and costume details helped me to decide which characters where played by whom and the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the night. We didn't guess who the killer was but have never laughed so much at the acting. This is the second time we have done this for a family party and it is something we will definitely be doing again.Lady thrice knightly (2016)
Well we had great fun. Laughed a lot and it had real clues and solutions. So besides all the fun you had to keep it together to get the answer correct. I will do it again. You guys were great.Marius (2016)
We enjoyed the mystery game. The DVD added interest although the third one took us a while to access. I would have liked a bit more graphics. eg wine bottle labels, certificates and a whole lot of extra printables. Nevertheless we had a great evening.Orla Board (2016)
Very easy to download and each character has a costume suggestion and script booklet. This game was easy to act out and the characters were a lot of fun. It wasn't obvious who the killer was, so whoever is printing the booklets, don't peep,that way the killer can remain anonymous until the reveal!Our family had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, shiver me timbers!! Salty (2014)
We played murder ahoy with a small group at new year and really enjoyed it - especially the videos! No-one guessed the murderer but we had a great time! A little bit more character info beforehand might be good, as well as costume details? Anon (2014)

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