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Murder by the Mob [Download]


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Chicago in the late 1920s is overrun by the mob, most of whom have been invited to “Spudsy” Malone’s party. However, when the Don welcomed everyone to celebrate the invention of his new potato alcohol drink, he wasn’t expecting any of them to ‘do him a favour’ and shoot him in the chest. Host your own party to find out who whacked the big potato!

- 6 players (3 female, 3 male)
- optional audio*
- takes 1-2 hours to play
- recommended age 18+
- print size 34 A4 sides

Previously sold as the boxed game of the same name and now out of print, you can download and play these classic high street games immediately. Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

Female suspects:
CANDY CAPISH “The Bust” – Gangster‘s Moll (what she lacks in modesty she makes up in cleavage!)
BELLA BURLESQUE “The Legs” - Escort & Dancer (she shows her pins to men with big grins!)
MO DOWN - “The Emerald Queen” - Irish Mobster (Spudsy’s sister cuts anything in her path!)

Male suspects:
TONY TRICEPS “The Amoeba” - Henchman (he flexes his body more than his mind!)
BILLY BADA BING “The Kid” – Mob Leader (eat, sleep, shoot, shoot some more!)
SAM ANNELLA “Fat Sam” - Restaurant Owner (he’s always got something or someone cooking in his kitchen!)

Printable contents:
Host Guide and Rules
Guest invitations and costume suggestions
Menu suggestions
Group evidence and clues
Author's Solution
Character booklets for all 6 suspects
Audio file* - contains an optional scene setter to play at the start of your party
*See davekki.com/classics for more downloads

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Murder by the Mob [Download] Reviews

Fabulous game and great instructions. We have done a few murder mysteries before but in a box set.... we were a bit nervous about doing an online version but it was FABULOUS!!!! We would definitely do an online one again and this particular game is great fun Chloe (2017)
Downloaded this for a bit of fun for New Years Eve (we wanted something that didn't take too long and was for 6 people) and I must say we all roared with laughter at our lame accents - Billy sounded more like Mr T! To make it more interesting, we drew names out of the hat for who was going to be which character. Did struggle to download the DVD but Lynda sent out one in time for the party!Victoria (2016-17) (2017)
A good time was held by all for this and it was a great thing to do on a cold January weekend. A few things could in my opinion be improved though related to the mechanics of the game. Firstly, could there be a way of watching the DVD content direct from a website? Most people either have smart TVs or could bring a laptop to the table....... easier than faffing with DVD content. Secondly, could each persons booklet be made available so it could be read on a phone/tablet and only have one round per page? (It is easy currently for the eye to drift)Joanne (2017)
A fun evening. Pleated in New Year's Eve and everyone really got into their parts! Some strange accents. Enjoyed interaction with video. Story amusing and game easy to organise and play! Would definitely download another murder mystery game in the future.Lorraine alias Candy (2017)
This is a really great way to have a bit of a laugh with friends (especially if you are on a budget!) My friends and I had a wonderful time stepping into someone else's shoes for the evening. Anon (2016)

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