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Murder at the Cafe Resistance [Download]


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It’s the end of the Second World War and the celebrations have begun. Herr Bevore is throwing a party at his favourite place - the Café Résistance - and everyone is invited, even his victors. But just before the party begins he is bumped off by an explosive Roquewurst sausage that has been left in his bedroom. Host your own party to find out who flambéed Herr Bevore!

- 12 players (6 female, 6 male)
- optional audio*
- takes 2-3 hours to play
- recommended age 18+
- print size 54 A4 sides

Originally published as a boxed game of the same name, you can download and play these classic high street games immediately. Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

Female suspects:
MIMI ANJOU - Waitress (a glimpse of her stocking is always on the menu!)
FRAU NALOTT - German soldier (she’s only happy when she’s…she’s never happy!)
JULIE NOTED - British radio operator (she can spell all the rude words in morse code!)
NOEMI DOOYOO - French resistance (she keeps popping up everywhere!)
LIZA WIZENNI - Cabaret singer (she performs well on stage…and off!)
NURSE GENTLY - Army Nurse (she’ll kiss it better...just tell her where it hurts!)

Male suspects:
FRANC LE ORRFUL - Café owner (his cooking helped win the war!)
PHIL LE GIRTHE - Travelling sausage salesman (he’ll get his sausage out for anyone!)
GEE I. JOE - US Serviceman (he turned up just in time…for dessert!)
GENERAL KOPOV - German officer (he’ll use any excuse for a strip search!)
GERRY BASHER - British airman (he’s got you in his sights!)
LUC OVERLAIR - French policeman (he’s always last to the scene of the crime!)

Printable contents:
Host Guide and Rules
Guest invitations and costume suggestions
Menu suggestions
Group evidence and clues
Author's Solution
Character booklets for all 8 suspects
Audio file* - contains an optional scene setter to play at the start of your party
*See davekki.com/classics for more downloads

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Murder at the Cafe Resistance

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Murder at the Cafe Resistance [Download] Reviews

The game was very easy to download and print off. Didn't manage to get the email link to work to send the invites though so had to turn them into PDFs and attach to emails which took a bit of time. The game itself was brilliant and all the double entendre's made it really funny. We had a brilliant night and have recommended it to one of my USA friends to try. Unepoon (2016)
Overall a little disappointing. I have to commend the great value of the game and how easy it was to print off and organise: on the night, however, we quickly realised that this is a very simple one-dimensional game where people read out questions and answers to each other until the murderer is revealed. It was a great night but many people were quite drunk and uninterested by the end - there are games out where where people have their own quests, abilities, potential to kill each other off and steal, etc - I'll probably spend a little more next time! Sam (2016)
We had great fun but the dvd either didn't work correctly or was very confusing so we reverted to reading the evidence. Also due to using the mobile version, which was useful I didn't realise until the night that the clues for each person wasn't one their mobile section in the rounds and again had to get the laptop out. Could that be incorporated in future releases? And if there was a private YouTube channel set up with a downloadable link for the group evidence would make it all a little easier. Having said all that, everyone had a great time! Becky, London (2016)
Just one word ....... BrilliantThe Perry's (2015)
We all really enjoyed the game and the double entendre's were hilarious, however the game could improve with a few tweeks. There is a stinted flow to the game as it is not clear who reads first, we have hosted a number of Murder Mystery parties previously and they usually state at the start of the first readers dialogue..."you speak first" and so on. That said we had a hilarious nightAnon (2015)

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