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The Champagne Murders


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It's the Summer of Love, July 1967, and London still swings like a pendulum do. In the Chelsea home of Lord Michael Jagged, a select group of fashionable young things have spent the weekend drinking champagne and partying.

As the guests gather for dinner on Sunday evening, however, they are met not by their host but by Scotland Yard detective Austin McClue, who brings them shocking news: Lord Jagged has been murdered! And they are the principal suspects in the policeman's enquiries!

Your task is to help McClue catch the killer. Or, of course, to avoid being caught...

Female suspects:
MARY-JANE FAITHLESS - Formerly the lover of Lord Jagged, now known as a pop star in her own right.
WIGGY - The most famous and glamorous model in the world, for this week at least.
KITTY KILLER - She looks like a sex starlet and claims to be a journalist, but everyone knows that really she's a secret agent.
TAMARA FARA-BUCKTOOTH - Famous for being famous, she is a regular fixture on the London social scene and is somehow related to Lord Jagged.
BABS CRAYFISH - The girlfriend of 'Champagne' Charlie and a former nightclub-hostess, she now claims to be a legitimate actress.

Male suspects:
TERENCE SHRIMP - An East End boy whose success as a photographer has taken him into the most fashionable social circles.
MARTIN X - A reclusive political rights campaigner from America, whose presence in England is not strictly legal.
OLIVER STEED - Actor, raconteur and hell-raiser.
BRIAN SEWER - The brilliant wine critic of the Evening Times whose snobbery and arrogance have endeared him to nobody. Unfortunately, his arrogance is justified.
'CHAMPAGNE' CHARLIE BUNSON - A high-living entrepreneur whose connections with the London underworld have already attracted the attention of Scotland Yard.

Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu. And with a Classic Detective Murder Mystery you have everything you need to serve up the perfect murder dinner party. First the invites, you choose which of your friends play which devious suspect and invite them to come along as that character. Then the shopping list, menu suggestions and recipes. Plus of course...a really tasty murder to solve. It will be drop dead fun, and by the end of the evening, one (or more) of the suspects, your 'friends', will be caught out as the murderer!

Party planner with game rules, recipes, music and decorating tips
Character booklets, including their roles, background information and a few tasty secrets
Place cards for each character
Party invitations and envelopes for each character
Six secret clues
DVD with an introduction, scene setter, summary of events, clues and solution to the crime.



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The Champagne Murders Reviews

Absolutely brilliant. Some of us old enough to really 'get' the 60's stuff. Much hilarity. We have ACTORS that we didn't know about. Best 15 I spent this Christmas. Mamajane. (2017)
We enjoyed our evening with this game. However we would suggest to modify the DVD content by choosing an actor with a better pronunciation. We had to help each other in order to understand what was said. COTTRAY (2016)
Had an absolutely brilliant time! Great character names and costume suggestions. Quite easy to follow dialogue although we missed a bit of the DVD and were confused as to who Dr Doctor wasAnon (2016)
My first murder mystery evening - brilliant fun. A well boxed set of instructions, character details and even place setting name tags. Well worth the money (yes you could do a far cheaper DIY kit, but the DVD really added to the evening)Peter (2015)
Everything you need for a fun evening in one box! All you need are some willing participants. Learnt a lot about my friends as the evening as the evening progressed. Actors who definitely missed their calling, wannabe detectives and one or two fancied themselves as the murderer. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FULLY BEFORE YOU START to get the most out of it Yvonne M (2015)

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